Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hobe Sound & Halpatiokee Players

Tennis List (Post a comment if there is an addition or correction)

Aaron Kassler 864-477-8634 Hobe Sound Group

Al Karacand 772-283-3590 NY Saturday Group

Alan Benson 772-546-0981 Hobe Sound Group

Alan Tedesco 401-369-4500 (in Fl. Nov-May) Saturday Group

Angelo Jathas 772-546-1396 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Annette Poeppelman Hobe Sound Group

Art Ward 321-806-6494 Saturday Group

Asger Jorgensen 772-286-5026 and 207-594-7768 Hobe Sound and; Saturday group

Barry Mussatto 772-286-3378 Mich 810-229-5092 Hobe Sound

Barry Wadsworth 772-546-5271 Maine Hobe Sound Group

Bill Graf 772-781-1275 Saturday group

Bill Markey 772-209-7631 Saturday group

Bill Raymond Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Bill Ruplinger 772-245-8215 Hobe Sound Group

Bob Hebel 772-546-5409 Hobe Sound Group

Bob Olson 772-546-2510 Hobe Sound Group

Bob "Smitty" Smith 772-545-7589 Ohio 614-459-7177 Hobe Sound Group

Bob Swier 772-266-4525 Hobe Sound group

Brent Saturday group

Brian Kerr 772-546-9121 Hobe Sound Group

Brian McComb 772-283-7101 Saturday group

Brian Tobin Phone 561-301-0793 Saturday group

Bryan Perfetti 772-812-7701 or 597-1110 Saturday group

Bruce Fry Saturday group

"Burnsie" Richard Burns 772-546-7349 Hobe Sound Group

Cameron, Denworth Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Carmen Cusano 772-287-0462 Hobe Sound Group

Cheryl 814-566-3216 Hobe Sound Group

Chris England 772-219-0250 Saturday group

Chris Maenza 772-546-6408 Hobe Sound Group

Clyde Price 772-486-5404 Saturday Group and Hobe Sound

Dan Tillman 221-1704 Saturday group

Dana Rankin  Hobe Sound Group

Darwin Johnson 304-288-0422 Hobe Sound Group

Dave Saturday Group

Dave Sherry 3055873839 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

David Bowen

Donny Cell# 7728019455

Ed Boulos 772-220-0370 Saturday Group

Eric Buetens 772-288-3473 772-546-6633 (work)Hobe Sound and; Saturday Group

Eric Ellis Saturday group

Eric Hoffman Saturday group

Frank X. Ziegler 772-545-8786 546-0312 (w) Saturday group

Fred Steers 463-1335 Saturday group

Frederick Ellis 267-2337 Saturday group

Gary Kanzer 283-9299 Saturday Group

Gene Saturday Group

Gene Poitras 772-220-8145 Hobe Sound Group

Gene Wright 772-545-9693 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Gina Gahan Saturday group

Glenda Thompson 772-545-7754 Hobe Sound Group

Glenn Harrison Saturday Group

Gloria Collins 772-545-4078 Hobe Sound Group

Gred Nobles 772-828-1186 Hobe Sound Group

Gunars Ozols 772-221-7605 Saturday Group

Hal Achorn 207 513 9553 humblecatfla@BELLSOUTH.NET Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Helen Wiggins Saturday Group

Ian Wylie, Saturday Group

Ippy Mast 772-219-7374 Hobe Sound

Jack Felomayer or Feldmayer or

Jack Fisher 772-288-2460 Saturday Group

Jack Fitton 772-461-0165 Saturday Group

Jack Rovniak Saturday Group

Jamie Gomez 283-2850 / 561-253-4749 Hobe Sound and Saturday group

Jan Hannon 772-545-0733 Hobe Sound

Jean McIntyre 540-583-5078 Hobe Sound

Jeff Zade 773-263-9057 Saturday group on Hobe Sound & Halpatiokee Players
Jerry Swain 772-807-8290 Saturday Group

Jim Behm 715-891-1173 Saturday group

Jim Doering 772-219-9901 Conn 860-657-2992 Hobe Sound Group

Jim Glover 486-3557 Saturday group

Jim Lezak 772-283-6206 Saturday group

Jim Packer 772-419-5121 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Joe Guerriero 772-545-1216 NJ 908-231-0124 Hobe Sound and Saturday

Joanna Ramirez 816-267-1355 Saturday Group

Joe Kulbacki 772-288-7146 jrkulbacki@yahoo.comSaturday Group

Joe Pisciotta 772-223-2048 Hobe Sound Group

Josie Bruser Hobe Sound Group

Juan Mercado 516-398-1879 Saturday group

Judy Combs 772 546 9708 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Ken Fanger 772-597-6921 Mass 508-420-6921 Hobe Sound Group

Larry Martines 772-288-5130 NC Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Larry Ceraulo 772-781-7128 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Lea Albright Hobe Sound Group

Leigh Hayden Hobe Sound

Len Elton 561-741-0016 Hobe Sound Group

Laurene (Charlie) Guerrera 772-545-2372 Conn 860-274-2307 Hobe Sound Group

Leslie Blanchard  Hobe Sound Group

Liam Saturday group

Linda Saturday group

Linda Cosden 772-546-4976 Mobile: 305-812-2872 Hobe Sound Group

Linda B. Heydt Hobe Sound Group

Lisa Klaire 516-220-5988 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Lorin Griffith 219-3661 Hobe Sound Group

Mada Shetty Saturday group

Margaret Schroder Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Maria Davis 772-600-7780 & Saturday group

Marie Neubauer 219-2749 Hobe Sound Group

Marti Kauffman Phone: ??? Hobe Sound Group

Mary Schreiber Phone: 305-393-2214 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Mary Sullivan Saturday group

Matt Begovich Hobe Sound Group

Matt Rudd Saturday group

Mike Saturday Group

Mike Green Phone: 772-249-6362

Mike Primavera Phone: 772-781-7743 Hobe Sound Group

Mike Schroeder Phone: 561-951-8550 Hobe Sound & Satuday Groups

Milt Sales 585-943-0531 (cell) Hobe Sound Group

Molly Mercker 772-546-8242 Ontario 613-923-1897 Hobe Sound Group

Neil Compton 772-678-2389 (cell) or 772-781-3595 (office) Saturday group

Nick Scuderi 772-545-0695 Hobe Sound Group

Pat Jacobowitz 772-219-1312 Hobe Sound Group

Pat Strutz 715-891-1173 Saturday group

Paul Catano Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Paul Pollock 772-879-6812 VA Hobe Sound Group

Ray Harris 772-287-1395 Saturday Group

Richard Brooks Saturday Group

Richard "Rick" Hoffman 561-685-5296 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Rich Wendelken 772-219-1312 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group (Deceased Aug. 2, 2008)

Reilly Palmer Hobe Sound Group

Robert Donn 772-651-6602 Hobe Sound

Rolly Coryell 772-223-7777 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Ron Baty 772-521-0015 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Rosemary Johnston 772-546-9429 Hobe Sound

Sam Lindenburger

Sharyl Pratt 772-546-2835 (Work)772-546-5295 Hobe Sound Group

Shirley Walker Hobe Sound Group

Sue Drown Hobe Sound Group

Susan Haggan 908-625-2024 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Susan Ramsthaler 772-546-8895 Hobe Sound Group

Tim ; Gloria Collins 772-545-4078 Hobe Sound Group

Tom Hueller 772-545-7789 Hobe Sound Group

Tony Lopez 772-223-8894 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Tom Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Tom Johnson Saturday Group

Tom Servinsky 772-260-7110 Saturday Group

Tom Scheuerer 770-886-1673 Saturday Group

Trudy (Waltraud) Ondich 772-545-3864 Hobe Sound Group

Wendy Herzog 561-398-8686 Hobe Sound Group

 Willie Plasencia Saturday Group

Yoli Krauss 561-741-1726 Hobe Sound

Zach Sobel 561-745-1438 Hobe Sound

Halpateokee Tennis (Stuart Area)

Open Tennis - Free - Saturday Morning in Stuart

Days: Every Saturday

Time: Approximately 8:00am - 10:00am. Show up whenever you want to.

Venue : On Saturday at Halpatiokee Regional Park Tennis Courts behind the new Dunkin Donut's on Lost River Road at Rt. 76 and I-95 (Stuart exit)

Area: Martin CountyCost: Free

Contact: Eric Buetens (772) 546-6633

This is pick-up tennis. Everyone is invited. There is no cost. Just bring a can of balls from time to time.