Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hobe Sound & Halpatiokee Players

Tennis List (Post a comment if there is an addition or correction)

Aaron Kassler 864-477-8634 Hobe Sound Group

Al Karacand 772-283-3590 NY Saturday Group

Alan Benson 772-546-0981 Hobe Sound Group

Alan Tedesco 401-369-4500 (in Fl. Nov-May) Saturday Group

Angelo Jathas 772-546-1396 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Annette Poeppelman Hobe Sound Group

Art Ward 321-806-6494 Saturday Group

Asger Jorgensen 772-286-5026 and 207-594-7768 Hobe Sound and; Saturday group

Barry Mussatto 772-286-3378 Mich 810-229-5092 Hobe Sound

Barry Wadsworth 772-546-5271 Maine Hobe Sound Group

Bill Graf 772-781-1275 Saturday group

Bill Markey 772-209-7631 Saturday group

Bill Raymond Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Bill Ruplinger 772-245-8215 Hobe Sound Group

Bob Hebel 772-546-5409 Hobe Sound Group

Bob Olson 772-546-2510 Hobe Sound Group

Bob "Smitty" Smith 772-545-7589 Ohio 614-459-7177 Hobe Sound Group

Bob Swier 772-266-4525 Hobe Sound group

Brent Saturday group

Brian Kerr 772-546-9121 Hobe Sound Group

Brian McComb 772-283-7101 Saturday group

Brian Tobin Phone 561-301-0793 Saturday group

Bryan Perfetti 772-812-7701 or 597-1110 Saturday group

Bruce Fry Saturday group

"Burnsie" Richard Burns 772-546-7349 Hobe Sound Group

Cameron, Denworth Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Carmen Cusano 772-287-0462 Hobe Sound Group

Cheryl 814-566-3216 Hobe Sound Group

Chris England 772-219-0250 Saturday group

Chris Maenza 772-546-6408 Hobe Sound Group

Clyde Price 772-486-5404 Saturday Group and Hobe Sound

Dan Tillman 221-1704 Saturday group

Dana Rankin  Hobe Sound Group

Darwin Johnson 304-288-0422 Hobe Sound Group

Dave Saturday Group

Dave Sherry 3055873839 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

David Bowen

Donny Cell# 7728019455

Ed Boulos 772-220-0370 Saturday Group

Eric Buetens 772-288-3473 772-546-6633 (work)Hobe Sound and; Saturday Group

Eric Ellis Saturday group

Eric Hoffman Saturday group

Frank X. Ziegler 772-545-8786 546-0312 (w) Saturday group

Fred Steers 463-1335 Saturday group

Frederick Ellis 267-2337 Saturday group

Gary Kanzer 283-9299 Saturday Group

Gene Saturday Group

Gene Poitras 772-220-8145 Hobe Sound Group

Gene Wright 772-545-9693 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Gina Gahan Saturday group

Glenda Thompson 772-545-7754 Hobe Sound Group

Glenn Harrison Saturday Group

Gloria Collins 772-545-4078 Hobe Sound Group

Gred Nobles 772-828-1186 Hobe Sound Group

Gunars Ozols 772-221-7605 Saturday Group

Hal Achorn 207 513 9553 humblecatfla@BELLSOUTH.NET Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Helen Wiggins Saturday Group

Ian Wylie, Saturday Group

Ippy Mast 772-219-7374 Hobe Sound

Jack Felomayer or Feldmayer or

Jack Fisher 772-288-2460 Saturday Group

Jack Fitton 772-461-0165 Saturday Group

Jack Rovniak Saturday Group

Jamie Gomez 283-2850 / 561-253-4749 Hobe Sound and Saturday group

Jan Hannon 772-545-0733 Hobe Sound

Jean McIntyre 540-583-5078 Hobe Sound

Jeff Zade 773-263-9057 Saturday group on Hobe Sound & Halpatiokee Players
Jerry Swain 772-807-8290 Saturday Group

Jim Behm 715-891-1173 Saturday group

Jim Doering 772-219-9901 Conn 860-657-2992 Hobe Sound Group

Jim Glover 486-3557 Saturday group

Jim Lezak 772-283-6206 Saturday group

Jim Packer 772-419-5121 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Joe Guerriero 772-545-1216 NJ 908-231-0124 Hobe Sound and Saturday

Joanna Ramirez 816-267-1355 Saturday Group

Joe Kulbacki 772-288-7146 jrkulbacki@yahoo.comSaturday Group

Joe Pisciotta 772-223-2048 Hobe Sound Group

Josie Bruser Hobe Sound Group

Juan Mercado 516-398-1879 Saturday group

Judy Combs 772 546 9708 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Ken Fanger 772-597-6921 Mass 508-420-6921 Hobe Sound Group

Larry Martines 772-288-5130 NC Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Larry Ceraulo 772-781-7128 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Lea Albright Hobe Sound Group

Leigh Hayden Hobe Sound

Len Elton 561-741-0016 Hobe Sound Group

Laurene (Charlie) Guerrera 772-545-2372 Conn 860-274-2307 Hobe Sound Group

Leslie Blanchard  Hobe Sound Group

Liam Saturday group

Linda Saturday group

Linda Cosden 772-546-4976 Mobile: 305-812-2872 Hobe Sound Group

Linda B. Heydt Hobe Sound Group

Lisa Klaire 516-220-5988 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Lorin Griffith 219-3661 Hobe Sound Group

Mada Shetty Saturday group

Margaret Schroder Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Maria Davis 772-600-7780 & Saturday group

Marie Neubauer 219-2749 Hobe Sound Group

Marti Kauffman Phone: ??? Hobe Sound Group

Mary Schreiber Phone: 305-393-2214 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Mary Sullivan Saturday group

Matt Begovich Hobe Sound Group

Matt Rudd Saturday group

Mike Saturday Group

Mike Green Phone: 772-249-6362

Mike Primavera Phone: 772-781-7743 Hobe Sound Group

Mike Schroeder Phone: 561-951-8550 Hobe Sound & Satuday Groups

Milt Sales 585-943-0531 (cell) Hobe Sound Group

Molly Mercker 772-546-8242 Ontario 613-923-1897 Hobe Sound Group

Neil Compton 772-678-2389 (cell) or 772-781-3595 (office) Saturday group

Nick Scuderi 772-545-0695 Hobe Sound Group

Pat Jacobowitz 772-219-1312 Hobe Sound Group

Pat Strutz 715-891-1173 Saturday group

Paul Catano Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Paul Pollock 772-879-6812 VA Hobe Sound Group

Ray Harris 772-287-1395 Saturday Group

Richard Brooks Saturday Group

Richard "Rick" Hoffman 561-685-5296 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Rich Wendelken 772-219-1312 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group (Deceased Aug. 2, 2008)

Reilly Palmer Hobe Sound Group

Robert Donn 772-651-6602 Hobe Sound

Rolly Coryell 772-223-7777 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Ron Baty 772-521-0015 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Rosemary Johnston 772-546-9429 Hobe Sound

Sam Lindenburger

Sharyl Pratt 772-546-2835 (Work)772-546-5295 Hobe Sound Group

Shirley Walker Hobe Sound Group

Sue Drown Hobe Sound Group

Susan Haggan 908-625-2024 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Susan Ramsthaler 772-546-8895 Hobe Sound Group

Tim ; Gloria Collins 772-545-4078 Hobe Sound Group

Tom Hueller 772-545-7789 Hobe Sound Group

Tony Lopez 772-223-8894 Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Tom Hobe Sound and Saturday Group

Tom Johnson Saturday Group

Tom Servinsky 772-260-7110 Saturday Group

Tom Scheuerer 770-886-1673 Saturday Group

Trudy (Waltraud) Ondich 772-545-3864 Hobe Sound Group

Wendy Herzog 561-398-8686 Hobe Sound Group

 Willie Plasencia Saturday Group

Yoli Krauss 561-741-1726 Hobe Sound

Zach Sobel 561-745-1438 Hobe Sound

Halpateokee Tennis (Stuart Area)

Open Tennis - Free - Saturday Morning in Stuart

Days: Every Saturday

Time: Approximately 8:00am - 10:00am. Show up whenever you want to.

Venue : On Saturday at Halpatiokee Regional Park Tennis Courts behind the new Dunkin Donut's on Lost River Road at Rt. 76 and I-95 (Stuart exit)

Area: Martin CountyCost: Free

Contact: Eric Buetens (772) 546-6633

This is pick-up tennis. Everyone is invited. There is no cost. Just bring a can of balls from time to time.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some of the 20 regulars braving a Florida winter, Feb. 7, 2011

From left to right:

Milt, Molly, Joe, Gunars, Bob, Jan, Jim, Smitty, Eric, Ron, Bryan, Jeanne, Tim, Carmen, Barry

Monday, June 29, 2009

game poster

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hobe Sound Rules!

Tennis Rules!

These are the rules that have developed over the years. A couple times we have voted on the finer points (#6 & #7.)

1. Pair up as partners in the order that people drive up.

2. If there are less than 3 courts playing and there is anyone waiting then only play to 4 games. When one team wins 4 games then winners stay and split and losers leave.

3. If 3 or more courts are in play or no one is waiting then play a full set. If the set goes to 6 - 6 then play a tie breaker. Again, winners stay and split and losers leave.

4. One of the winners spins his racquet to see which of the new players is his/her partner. You may not pick and choose who your partner is, neither may you finish a set and try to wait for a better partner. This system works when we treat each other with respect.

5. New players enter in the order of who has been waiting the longest. If two players have been waiting the same amount of time then they spin to see who comes in.

6. If all courts are in play and there are 3 or more people waiting then the 2 set rules goes into effect. So if you have played two sets in a row without having to wait and there are 3 or more people waiting then you leave the court to make room for people who are waiting. This means that even if you are a winner you may need to leave if 3 or more people are waiting. The winner will have priority over the losers in line for the next court.

7. As people start to leave there may come a time when there are no longer 3 courts in play. At such a time the players who are already playing on the two remaining courts should continue to play a regular set to 6 games. Any further sets should be played to 4 games if there are people waiting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pick - Up Tennis in the area with Directions

Here's the pick up games in the area that I know about. Please leave a comment if you know about any other games and I will update this list:

Saturdays - 8 am - Halpatiokee Park, Stuart (10 courts available. Pick up games uses 2 to 3 courts during the summer and 3 to 6 during the winter. Men and Women. Rules: See blog below. Rules same as Hobe Sound rules) Directions: Take Kanner Highway south west from Stuart to where the I-95 entrance is. Before getting to the entrance ramp turn left on Lost River Road and follow that road into the park. Once in the park take the first right at the traffic circle.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 7:30 am - Reed Park in Hobe Sound. (4 courts available. Pick up games uses 2 to 3 courts during the summer and all 4 courts during the winter. Men and Women. Rules: See blog below on rules.) Directions: Go south on US 1 to Bridge Road, turn left on Bridge Road, take first right on Hercules to tennis courts.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 7:30 am - Memorial Park in Stuart.
(4 courts available. During the summer the pick-up games use one or two courts. When there are are an uneven number of people they rotate after each game.) Directions: Go east from Confusion Corner on Ocean, Courts are behind the bandshell.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 7:00am - Palm City Park (4 courts available) Directions: Go west over Palm City Bridge, Turn right on Mapp, Palm City Park is on left a few miles north.

Lighthouse Park, Jupiter - need details.

Carlin Park, Jupiter - need details.

Leighton Park, Jensen Beach - Need details

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Halpatiokee - Saturdays:
August 2 - 8 people
August 9 - 12 people
August 16 - 14 people
August 23 - 12 people
August 30 - Rained out
Sept. 6 - 15 people
Sept. 13 - 12 people ( 2 Erics, Jeb, Barry, Ian, Dave, Doyl, Mary, Ed, Carmen, and 2 others)
Sept 20 - 12 people (2 Erics, Jeb, Ian, Dan, Mary, Larry, Gene, Allison & 3 more)
Sept 27 - 14 people (2 Erics, Ian, Mary, Fred, Larry, Rolly, Carmen, Ed, Bob C., & 4 more)
Oct 4- 14 people

Hobe Sound
Friday, August 22 - 12 people
Monday, August 25 - 12 people
Wednesday, August 27 - 8 people
Mon., Friday, August 29 - 10 people
Wed., Sept 3 ---- 10 people
Fri, Sept. 5 - rained out
Mon., Sept. 8 - 10 people
Wed., Sept. 10 - 11 people
Fri, Sept 12 - 11 people
Mon, Sept. 15 - 12 people
Wed, Sept 17- 12 people
Fri, Sept 19 - 8 people
Mon., Sept 22- 8 people (Jim, Larry, Mike, Eric, Bob G, Bob C., Gene, Hal)
Wed., Sept 24 - 4 people stayed (Eric, Larry, Jim & Debby) Had to use carpet on courts to be able to play and got to play 3+ short sets before it rained agained.
Fri., Sept 26 - 12 people (Jim, Judy, Jan, Larry, Mike, Eric, Bob G, Bob C, Gene, Hal, Debby & one more)
Monday - Oct 6 - 15 people
Monday, Nov. 3- 6 players
Wednesday, Nov 5 - 13 players