Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some of the 20 regulars braving a Florida winter, Feb. 7, 2011

From left to right:

Milt, Molly, Joe, Gunars, Bob, Jan, Jim, Smitty, Eric, Ron, Bryan, Jeanne, Tim, Carmen, Barry


Molly Mercker said...

The guy who is identified by "???" standing to my right is named Milt (or Milton, as Gabby prefers). I didn't get his last name or any contact info except that his northern address is in Rochester, NY.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Molly. I'm Milt Sales from Rochester NY. Staying on my boat at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart. I'm a self-styled expert in boating issues, mechanical and electrical advice, and maybe even a bit of free legal advice with a concentration in patent law.

I'm always available for a restaurant lunch or dinner with anyone in the group. Call at 585-943-0531.

Anonymous said...

walk of shame for Doc and Asger. the two scallywags were ahead 5-1 but lost 7-5 at the retreat to Smitty and Bob C.