Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hobe Sound Rules!

Tennis Rules!

These are the rules that have developed over the years. A couple times we have voted on the finer points (#6 & #7.)

1. Pair up as partners in the order that people drive up.

2. If there are less than 3 courts playing and there is anyone waiting then only play to 4 games. When one team wins 4 games then winners stay and split and losers leave.

3. If 3 or more courts are in play or no one is waiting then play a full set. If the set goes to 6 - 6 then play a tie breaker. Again, winners stay and split and losers leave.

4. One of the winners spins his racquet to see which of the new players is his/her partner. You may not pick and choose who your partner is, neither may you finish a set and try to wait for a better partner. This system works when we treat each other with respect.

5. New players enter in the order of who has been waiting the longest. If two players have been waiting the same amount of time then they spin to see who comes in.

6. If all courts are in play and there are 3 or more people waiting then the 2 set rules goes into effect. So if you have played two sets in a row without having to wait and there are 3 or more people waiting then you leave the court to make room for people who are waiting. This means that even if you are a winner you may need to leave if 3 or more people are waiting. The winner will have priority over the losers in line for the next court.

7. As people start to leave there may come a time when there are no longer 3 courts in play. At such a time the players who are already playing on the two remaining courts should continue to play a regular set to 6 games. Any further sets should be played to 4 games if there are people waiting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pick - Up Tennis in the area with Directions

Here's the pick up games in the area that I know about. Please leave a comment if you know about any other games and I will update this list:

Saturdays - 8 am - Halpatiokee Park, Stuart (10 courts available. Pick up games uses 2 to 3 courts during the summer and 3 to 6 during the winter. Men and Women. Rules: See blog below. Rules same as Hobe Sound rules) Directions: Take Kanner Highway south west from Stuart to where the I-95 entrance is. Before getting to the entrance ramp turn left on Lost River Road and follow that road into the park. Once in the park take the first right at the traffic circle.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 7:30 am - Reed Park in Hobe Sound. (4 courts available. Pick up games uses 2 to 3 courts during the summer and all 4 courts during the winter. Men and Women. Rules: See blog below on rules.) Directions: Go south on US 1 to Bridge Road, turn left on Bridge Road, take first right on Hercules to tennis courts.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 7:30 am - Memorial Park in Stuart.
(4 courts available. During the summer the pick-up games use one or two courts. When there are are an uneven number of people they rotate after each game.) Directions: Go east from Confusion Corner on Ocean, Courts are behind the bandshell.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 7:00am - Palm City Park (4 courts available) Directions: Go west over Palm City Bridge, Turn right on Mapp, Palm City Park is on left a few miles north.

Lighthouse Park, Jupiter - need details.

Carlin Park, Jupiter - need details.

Leighton Park, Jensen Beach - Need details

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Halpatiokee - Saturdays:
August 2 - 8 people
August 9 - 12 people
August 16 - 14 people
August 23 - 12 people
August 30 - Rained out
Sept. 6 - 15 people
Sept. 13 - 12 people ( 2 Erics, Jeb, Barry, Ian, Dave, Doyl, Mary, Ed, Carmen, and 2 others)
Sept 20 - 12 people (2 Erics, Jeb, Ian, Dan, Mary, Larry, Gene, Allison & 3 more)
Sept 27 - 14 people (2 Erics, Ian, Mary, Fred, Larry, Rolly, Carmen, Ed, Bob C., & 4 more)
Oct 4- 14 people

Hobe Sound
Friday, August 22 - 12 people
Monday, August 25 - 12 people
Wednesday, August 27 - 8 people
Mon., Friday, August 29 - 10 people
Wed., Sept 3 ---- 10 people
Fri, Sept. 5 - rained out
Mon., Sept. 8 - 10 people
Wed., Sept. 10 - 11 people
Fri, Sept 12 - 11 people
Mon, Sept. 15 - 12 people
Wed, Sept 17- 12 people
Fri, Sept 19 - 8 people
Mon., Sept 22- 8 people (Jim, Larry, Mike, Eric, Bob G, Bob C., Gene, Hal)
Wed., Sept 24 - 4 people stayed (Eric, Larry, Jim & Debby) Had to use carpet on courts to be able to play and got to play 3+ short sets before it rained agained.
Fri., Sept 26 - 12 people (Jim, Judy, Jan, Larry, Mike, Eric, Bob G, Bob C, Gene, Hal, Debby & one more)
Monday - Oct 6 - 15 people
Monday, Nov. 3- 6 players
Wednesday, Nov 5 - 13 players

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rich's Memorial Bench and Tree

Tennis players,

Thank all of you who contributed to the excellent memorial for Rich Wendelken.

The tree we purchased for Rich is a Sweet Bay Magnolia. See above

The bench has a plaque which reads, "In Memory of our Friend, Rich Wendelken, 2008."

The bench is able to be used for additional plaques.

And a special thanks to Jim Packer for making the bench and tree happen and collecting donations from Rich's friends and family.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rich's Memorial

I want to thank everyone for their generous contributions. We raised over $500. The county people were at the court on Monday, Sept 9, 2008 locating a spot to plant the tree and the marker to memorialize Richie. The County would not allow a larger plaque with room for multiple names so the memorial will be similar to the existing memorial for Joe Marlin. I will add photos here once there is something to take pictures of.

I also found out that Jim Packer plans to use the funds we have raised to add another bench to the gazebo on which we can add memorial name plates. But I think we still need to raise some additional funds to be able to do that.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Richard Wendelken 1928-2008 We will miss him!

We would like to put a plaque at the court for Richie, A small plaque costs about $200 so if we all chip in something like $10 or $20 that should not be a problem. Another possibility is to get a larger plaque where we could add names to it rather than one small plaque. You could send or drop off a contribution at my office, Buetens & Buetens, 8965 SE Bridge Rd, Hobe Sound, 33455.
Jim Packer will handle the plaque details. Let Jim know whether you think we should get a small or larger plaque. His e-mail is

Friday, July 25, 2008


For those interested in tournaments around the state, this is a really good website:

Although it doesn't have 100% of the tournaments, it usually is up to date with a number of them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hobe Sound Tennis

Open Tennis - Free - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning in Hobe Sound

What: Open "pick-up" Tennis

Days: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Time: Approximately 8:00am - 10:00am. Show up whenever you want to.

Venue : At the Hobe Sound public courts on Hercules Street next to the ball field on US 1, Just South of Bridge Road

Area: Martin CountyCost: Free

Contact: Eric Buetens (772) 546-6633

This is pick-up tennis. Everyone is invited. There is no cost. Just bring a can of balls from time to time.