Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hobe Sound Tennis

Open Tennis - Free - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning in Hobe Sound

What: Open "pick-up" Tennis

Days: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Time: Approximately 8:00am - 10:00am. Show up whenever you want to.

Venue : At the Hobe Sound public courts on Hercules Street next to the ball field on US 1, Just South of Bridge Road

Area: Martin CountyCost: Free

Contact: Eric Buetens (772) 546-6633

This is pick-up tennis. Everyone is invited. There is no cost. Just bring a can of balls from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Dis isa good place mon. Come dung en hit de ball wit us!!

Anonymous said...

Great group of people and good tennis. That being said,

Improvement idea: I feel there needs to be some kind of a seperation between players who want to play for fun and players who want to have fun, yet try to beat the hell out of each other.

Anonymous said...

Do ya hear whatta dis nonomos boy be sayn? I seen he play. We gun "separate" he alright!!! We will put he in de C clss an put de whippin on....

Anonymous said...

I hope they seperate me from you as I like to play with people who contribute a can of balls once in a blue moon. By the way the only whippin you could do is whippin me up a good sweat as I repeatedly tear up your unguarded baseline. Me thinks you should lay off that Mount Gay extra old.

Christa said...

Okay, you've won me over. Im not experienced enough to play with you guys yet, but Im definitely coming to watch, lol!